About Midwest Storm Shelters


Since 2003 Midwest Storm Shelters has been providing shelter from the storms all around the four state area, and beyond.  Over 13 years we have acquired a full line of storm shelters to fit your individual needs.  At Midwest Storm Shelters we understand that everyone’s needs are different and we try to have a product to fit your specific need.  If we don’t carry it, there is a good chance we can build it.

Over the years individuals and companies have come and gone claiming they are the one to offer the best product at the best price.  Some have offered great products and services, some have not.  At Midwest Storm Shelters, quality products and services are our goal and we are not here for an overnight stay.  We are here for the long haul.  We are proud members of the American Tornado Association and offer certified products to meet all ICC-500 and FEMA 320/361 standards. FEMA does not APPROVE nor ENDORSE any storm shelter, company, nor individual.  NOAA offers no memberships to anyone. Our shelters have been tested by one of the worst tornados in recent history whose wind speeds exceeded 318mph. Our storm shelter(s) were submitted for testing at Texas Tech, and received a letter achievement for passing the tests conducted. They also carry design certification by licensed engineers and some have almost 60 years of refining and production.  Most of our shelters come with a written 10 warranty with over 50,000 units in the ground.  Don’t let anyone tell you that their storm shelter is the best one out there; ask for proof and credentials.  Our shelters have saved lives and we can prove it.

We will not mislead you, cheat you, nor charge you a penny more than we tell you. We operate on Christian morals and strive for your satisfaction. We carry over $1 million of liability insurance coverage and to this day have not made one claim. Our storm shelters have survived EF5 tornados, even within our home town of Joplin, MO.

We also have almost 20 years of design experience and can design our product into the comforts of your new or existing home.

Call us at 417.781.9718 or send us an email through our contact form and let us help you gain piece of mind. Look Midwest Storm Shelters up on Facebook and give us a “Like”!