Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can fit in a SF57?

5-7 comfortably, as many as 9, more if standing. (35 sq. ft. of floor space.)

6-8 comfortably in a SF68, as many as 11, more if standing. (48 sq. ft. of floor space.)

How far away from the house or porch does my shelter have to be?

We can usually get within 4 feet without jeopardizing the structural integrity of the foundation.

We want to install your shelter in a location that is the most accessible at your home.

How far do the shelters go into the ground?

All sloped front units go about 54 inches (4.5 feet) into the ground.

Flat top units are mostly underground.

Is a Turbine Vent Safe?

To this date we have no verified cases of someone being injured from debris falling into the vent hole, and we have had units survive BIG tornados.

We choose the turbine vent because we want the air quality within the shelter as clean as possible. The turbine vent increases air circulation, which reduces condensation and hinders the growth of mildew which can cause allergic reactions with some people, foul odor, and an unpleasant environment.

Turbine Vent

Why do the doors open out on your units? What if something blocks the door and I can’t get out?

The door stop that is located on the jamb of all of our doors is the key in stopping any debris that may strike the door and cause the door to fail. Doors that open into a storm shelter risk the chance of injuring the occupants inside and leaving them exposed should a large object strike the door.

Why are some of your wall thicknesses thinner than others?

We pour a minimum of 6000psi fibered concrete. Others use a weaker mix and make up for the lack of strength with extra wall thickness.

How much do your units weigh?

Top: ~4500lbs
Bottom: ~4500lbs

Top: ~5000lbs
Bottom: ~8000lbs

Top: ~6000lbs
Bottom: ~8000lbs


Where do you deliver?

We deliver anywhere in the continental U.S. Due to logistics, the SF57 is the most common when shipping nationwide; however, we deliver all units nationwide.

Are your storm shelters repairable?

Yes, they are. Doors and vents can be replaced but there are times where the shelter is non-repairable. Example pictures below.

Repairable vs Non-Repairable