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Underground tornado shelters are designed to provide your family with the maximum storm protection in the convenience of your garage, porch or patio and do not require the use of valuable square footage. Convenience is key when it comes to safety during a storm. Your vehicle can be parked safely over the tornado shelter, still allowing access when you need it, without having to move your vehicle. TornadoSafe shelters can be installed in existing homes as well as new construction.

  • Built with heavy-duty steel construction
  • ¼” steel doors
  • Sealed to provide additional protection against rusting and leaking.
  • Lock sliding door design includes a secondary opening hatch and vent hole
  • Stow away handrail
  • 10-year nontransferable warranty against leaking and floating
  • Built to withstand an EF-5 Tornado
  • Aluminum benches and steps

Custom sizes also available!


Model Occupancy Interior Size Pick Up:
Cash Discount
Cash Discount**
Regular Price
US3654 3-5 Person 3' x 6' $2400 $4550 $4950
US3759 4-6 Person 3' x 7' $2600 $4650 $5050
US3859 4-6 Person 3' x 8' $2700 $5050 $5450
US5766 8-12 Person 5' x 7' $2800 $5650 $6100
US5866 12-16 Person 5' x 8' $2900 $6100 $6600

** Cash Price Includes: Cash, Check, Certified Check.
* Cash Discount Installed includes local delivery, dig, set, coating, & backfill.


Other Information

*Occupancy based on FEMA 320/361 publications and ICC-500 International Building Code. These occupancy ratings are set forth by these publications for building code and personal safety. They are not a direct reflection of the actual maximum capacity. We recommend complying with these standards for your personal safety.

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