Inswinging Door option Inswinging Door option
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In-swinging Door Option Available

  • 3/16 plate steel walls
  • Double plated steel door
  • In-Swing or Out-Swing Door Option
  • 3/16” extruded metal supports
  • 1/4” angle iron base frame and top frame
  • Anchored every 24” with HILTI anchors with almost 7000 lbs of pull strength and over 14,000 lbs of shear strength.
  • Completely customizable and built to order.
  • Welded together by certified welders, not bolted.
  • Movable-If you move, you can take it with you!
  • Meets and exceeds FEMA 320/361 and ICC 500 debris impact resistance tests: 250 MPH, 3-SECOND GUST WIND SPEED 15-LB 2X4 TRAVELING HORIZONTAL AT 100 MPH

*Prices apply to units set on an existing slab with a sufficient footing.


Model Occupancy Exterior Size

Cash Discount**

Regular Price*
STL44 3-5 Person 4' x 4' $3850 $4167
STL46 5-6 Person 4' x 6' $3995 $4334
STL48 7-9 Person 4' x 8' $4250 $4595
STL66 7-10 Person 6' x 6' $4595 $4995
STL68 10-13 Person 6' x 8' $4895 $5299
STL88 13-18 Person 8' x 8' $5250 $5695

** Cash Price Includes: Cash, Check, Certified Check.

* Minimum of $200 applies to areas where standard delivery is not possible and additional equipment is needed.

  • Removing excavated materials from site may not be included.
  • Other fees may apply. Call us for details.
  • Prices include delivery within 30 miles. Delivery fees apply beyond.

Other Information

*Occupancy based on FEMA 320/361 publications and ICC-500 International Building Code. These occupancy ratings are set forth by these publications for building code and personal safety. They are not a direct reflection of the actual maximum capacity. We recommend complying with these standards for your personal safety.

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